Stuff for the Sims


I was born in December, 1978. So you don't have to do the math (hey it takes me a bit sometimes too), that means that now (September 2012) I'm in my early thirties.


I am unemployed, a stay-at-home wife. I have arthritis in my left knee, a mood disorder (official diagnosis is Bipolar I, with psychotic symptoms), fibromyalgia, and a few other assorted medical conditions that make it difficult and painful to hold down any sort of work that I am both trained for and is available in my area. Fortunately, my husband has a good job working at a local university that earns enough money to pay our bills. This gives me plenty of time to read fanfic, play with my cats, and enjoy video games. Also plenty of time to do housework, but that interferes with my fanfic reading, so it usually doesn't get done.


I currently have five cats. They are my joy. I think six is a couple cats too many, but they all get along fairly well, we have plenty of room, and I could no more get rid of any of them than I could cut off my arm.


I play video games. I've played them since 1983 or so, back when we didn't have hard drives, floppies were half the size of a sheet of paper, and video games were mostly text based! We've come a long way baby! My video games include RPGs (I spent the last two years playing Lord of the Rings Online, despite not being a LotR fan), adventure games (classic Sierra all the way), the Sims (since 1999 - I own the entire franchise thus far), Roller Coaster Tycoon, and Minecraft. I have a bitching (well, it was three years ago and isn't shabby yet) green Alienware gaming machine and a puny little netbook.


I love my iPhone 4S. I hate androids. I vote Democrat. I like Diet Coke, roses, and crafting. I knit. I'm fat and learning to just not give a * about it. I've got really crappy vision and bad teeth. I live in Texas where it's too * hot six months of the year, and tolerable the other six months. I like the color pink and cheesecake.


I write. Occasionaly and sometimes badly. You can find my fiction on and my fanfiction on


If you still really want to know more, just google my username. 99% of the results you'll find are me. If you're still reading this, well, good grief, you deserve a cookie or something!